Edward Tolve


FUNNY FACE - Lion Theater/Theater Row


"As Maladroit burglars, Edward Tolve and Bill Bateman are amusing in their roles and excel at “The Babbitt and The Bromide.” Though the nifty vaudeville number has nothing to do with this story, it’s a hoot. "

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SAYONARA - Clurman Theater/Theater Row


"...many of the performers do fine work. Edward Tolve is an exuberant Joe and Natsuko Hirano an adorable Katsumi"

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"Both the men and women have lovely voices, but Edward Tolve as Private Joe Kelly, the good-hearted galoot who weds a Japanese woman, is the stand out among the men"

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"The most touching storyline ends up belonging to B-plot Joe and Katsumi. It's darkly ironic that the most functional couple onstage ends up meeting the most tragic end. Tolve and Hirano have a real chemistry that makes you wish you were invited over for sake at their little house by the canal. "         

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FUNNY GIRL - Cape Rep Theatre

"Edward Tolve turns in a nuanced performance as Fanny’s friend and mentor Eddie Ryan, who is secretly in love with her. Tolve is a fine actor and an incredible dancer—his tap dancing is worth the price of admission."

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"Next to its star, the show's scene stealer is Equity actor Edward Tolve as Fanny's boy pal Eddie. A classic triple threat, Tolve tap dances up a storm, has a terrific voice and acting chops to boot."

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SINGING IN THE RAIN - Reagle Music Theatre

"Tolve is a gem as Cosmo Brown.  Tolve acts in every moment, squeezing nuance from his dancing, his glances, and his one-line zingers.  His “Make ‘Em Laugh” almost brings down the house with its slapstick comedy and energetic dancing.  Tolve never lacks purpose or energy, despite the extensive demands on the actor in this second-banana sidekick role.  Tolve makes Cosmo the kind of best friend that you are proud to have stand next to you as your best man, that you want as a drinking buddy, and that you unashamedly want a bro-mance with in a vaudeville number."

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"Edward Tolve is charming and lovable as piano player sidekick Cosmo Brown, adding his own style of humor to the role. With good looks and a mischievous smile, Edward depicts Cosmo’s subtle humor through a wink and a veiled glance, but can also surge into comedic stunts in Cosmo’s signature number, ‘Make Em Laugh.’ Sean Quinn and Edward Tolve as Don and Cosmo are excellent together, especially during the number ‘Fit as a Fiddle’ and ‘Moses Supposes.’ Their wild dance routines are electrifying, especially because both numbers rely so heavily on the other person. Each person anticipates the other’s every move seamlessly."

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"There were plenty of other sturdy numbers here, notably “Make ’Em Laugh!” sung by Don’s sidekick, Cosmo Brown (Edward Tolve), and the perky “Good Morning,” by Don, Cosmo, and Kathy, with some comfortable physical humor.

But Gordon and Tolve were the standout performers Sunday, giving nuance to the conflicted Kathy and the ever-energetic Cosmo."

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GUYS AND DOLLS - New London Barn Playhouse

"Edward (Tolve) played Nicely-Nicely Johnson, he who opens the show with “Fugue for Tinhorns” and then leads the show-stopping second act number “Sit Down You’re Rockin’ the Boat”. When he first walked on, I held my breath – knowing he would have to carry “Sit Down” … would he have the voice? With the first note, the first gesture, his entire behavior during “Fugue for Tinhorns” – I relaxed totally. Great voice, great presence, and totally in tune with every possible comedic moment. He was Siobhan’s favorite. I could tell that during crowd scenes she was watching him, because he’d do something and Siobhan would burst out laughing, often the only one in the audience to do so."

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